The business inherited Earls Colne Airfield as a de-commissioned airbase that had been left neglected. The site was devoid of any existing trees and features as a result of the MOD levelling it in 1942 to form an airfield. After purchasing the site, thousands of trees were planted in shelter belts to regenerate what was a derelict environment and to break up the monotonous landscape. In 1979 the business was awarded the Farming and Wildlife Award for conservation, a national recognition of the creation of an environment where wildlife was returning to a formerly deserted area.

At Earls Colne Business Park we recycle all of the rain water that falls on site through our drainage network. Roughly speaking, there is a drain every 9 yards across the whole of the business park which sends water to our own reservoir. This water is then used to water the golf course and some remaining agricultural operations that we have on site. By doing this we are removing the need to import water from elsewhere. Any surplus water is discharged into the local network. The reservoir is overseen by Earls Colne Fishing, who have helped create a thriving aquatic ecosystem that includes Catfish, Carp, Tench, Rudd, Roach and Perch.

We always use local suppliers and tradesmen to help reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the length of shipments and journeys.

As part of our most recent development site at Earls Colne Business Park, known as Forest Lane, we will be installing solar panels on all of the new buildings. After discussing with experts on how best to reduce both our and our tenant’s carbon footprint, it became apparent that solar panels are the most efficient way of doing so. We are now working alongside various consultants to introduce solar panels elsewhere across our portfolio.

As part of our Forest Lane and Hangar Field developments, we are heavily contributing towards a new cycle path which will link Coggeshall and Earls Colne. We are working alongside our neighbours Markshall Estate to bring this forward. We share their views that the cycle path will not only encourage people to uptake this sustainable means of transport but will also benefit health and wellbeing. 

We are always looking to support our tenants in reducing their carbon footprint in whichever way possible and would encourage them to come forward with innovative ways that we can improve our portfolio. We are currently working on a new sustainability project at Earls Colne Business Park that we hope to share more information about in 2022.